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About my cyanotypes

In case you are curious about my original art cyanotypes, these items are all custom artwork using my original behind the scenes photographs.

(Yes, I will entertain requests for original commissions -- see below)

Cyanotyping is a photographic blueprint process discovered in 1842. Obviously you can wiki it.

It is both a ridiculously simple and a frustratingly difficult process and I have been working on my techniques for much of the pandemic. In the simplest form, it's some chemicals you expose to sunlight/UV and then you develop it with water. [Note: You can buy cool kits for kids where you can do Man Ray type negative impressions of objects. It's really sweet to watch things develop]

On my instagram, there's a post of me developing one of my Doctor Who fails. YouTube has a bunch of tips and tricks videos which I watched and found helpful but I still had to work on my own technique.

What's so difficult? Mixing the chemicals, choosing papers, figuring out the intensity of UV, creating the photographic negative, printing that negative properly, and the pH of your water. And not breaking the bank during the fails. While science is involved, I have

a ton of ruined worked, and for every success there are 5-15 fails. I have learned a lot about everything from our water pH to the best negative densities for black and white -- and certainly not everything. I still have not printed a decent tardis interior after 15 fails.

Here are a few examples -- this is the first one I sold for the ACLU. It is Peter Capaldi in his Doctor Who outfit sitting in Sherlock 221b chair. The original photo has never been published (there is one with a looking glass over his face, but this one is clear) -- and this cyanotype is the only print.

The second sold print was a custom job for a Vancouver entrepreneur of a never published photo of Peter Capaldi on the WWI battlefield.

The third was a gift for Steven Moffat. A picture of Steven, Peter Capaldi and David Bradley behind the scenes on the first shoot day of Twice Upon A Time.

It can be seen on his instagram.

The third and fourth are currently (June 5, 2021) up for auction on Ebay. See the explanations of these charity auctions.

This is Doctor Who series 8 finale behind the scenes of Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez and a cyberman outside of St. Paul's Cathedral for the end of Dark Water.

This one is my first attempt at a large scale print (18" x 24"). It is a montage of photos from my three Doctor Who series finales.

Bid here:

Feel free to shoot me an enquiry if you are interested in something custom from behind the scenes collection or from a photograph of your own.

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