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Why this cool swag Charity Auction?

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Sometimes I put my swag and specialty collectibles up for auction (usually to benefit the ACLU). What's different this time?

Link to auction are now included.

I have spent the past 6 weeks raising money for the Brassica Foundation for Chemoprotection Research, Inc. For those of you who know my family, my father, Dr. Paul Talalay, was an eminent cancer researcher working at Johns Hopkins for more than 60 years. His most recent significant work made it to the front page of the NY Times -- about the cancer-preventative properties of specific anti-oxidants.

The Foundation: is a 501c3 charity for promoting research on cancer prevention and protection.

He was also a kind and generous mentor to many and a dedicated teacher.

We recently have been given the opportunity to create an endowed professorship at Johns Hopkins in our parents' name. We have to raise over $1M for this --- hence the auction which is a drop in the bucket, but some possible fun for passionate fans.

Items will include some of my personal collection and artwork. Highest profile items include:

Preacher: a rare, original Steve Dillon comic book page from issue #4 featuring @rse-f@ce. These are increasingly hard to find.

Doctor Who:

Behind the Scenes Xmas 2017 Original Photo book (1 of 5).

I made this for the ACLU but had one remaining. It's all behind the scenes photos from Twice Upon a Time.

Original Large Cyanotype Collage of Peter Capaldi Behind the Scenes Photos

Original Rachel Talalay Artwork (one only) 18"x24" Watercolor Paper

Tank Girl Movie

Original Jamie Hewlett Concept Art Jet Girl Jet

Original Jamie Hewlett Still Animation Cel from the movie.

Cry Baby

Original Crew Jacket -- high quality wool baseball style:

Original Hairspray Mrs. Pingleton purse: Signed by John Waters:

A Borrowers Crew Jacket

Also cotton Cry Baby jacket:

Doctor Who Baseball Cap

There are t-shirts and other swag items as well. -- for example:

more to come.

More details on the ebay site: check out BrassicaFoundationForChemoprotection.

All proceeds are tax-deductible (as allowed by law) and 100% go to the Foundation and the Professorship.

Or feel free to donate directly to the Foundation. Much appreciated!

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1 Comment

Mary Talalay
Mary Talalay
Jun 03, 2021

Great work, Rachel!

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